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Shaba National Reserve​

This reserve is adjacent to the Buffalo Springs National Reserve and is where the late Joy Adamson wrote her books on the rehabilitation of a leopard. The reserve’s northern border is marked by the wide sauntering flow of the Ewaso Nyiro on its way to disappear in the Lorian swamp. This jewel in the dry rocky part of northern Kenya is a worthy introduction indeed to a safari in Kenya.

Over 100 species of colorful birds can easily be encountered in a days viewing.

The river, with its pools and streams of fresh water, literally attracts thousands of sand grouse and doves together with a galaxy of smaller birds.

There are rare species of animals found only in this region and these are the reticulated Giraffe, the Somali Ostrich and the Grevy’s Zebra.

Other game include Elephant, Buffalo, Impala, Gazelle, the long necked Gerenuk, the beautiful Kudu, Dik Dik, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and Oryx. The landscape is beautiful and full of eye-catching scenery.

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