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Memorable Moments

Among the things you can gift your children are fun experiences. Let them learn from mother nature. See for themselves the beauty of wildlife, play games on beautiful beaches, make international friends and dispel media conditioning.

Stir up the little traveler inside by showing them the rawness that exists in some of the most uncharted destinations in the world.

What roar would you want you loved ones to remember? A recorded one or that of the king of the jungle deep in Maasai Mara?

You know that a cheetah is fast, how about you enjoy a live chase in the presence of your loved ones?

We have itineraries that make use of the time you have chosen to spend in our care to give you value for your time while also leaving the places better than we found them through our Compassion Africa program.

Come share your dream with us, we will help to make it come true. Family is of high value to us and so are the memories you will have created forming part of stories at the dinner table.


fun outdoor children playing