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Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Reserves​

A remote paradise for nature lovers

These two adjoining reserves are situated in the arid and rugged part of the country, north of Mount Kenya and the equator. Both are watered by river Ewaso Nyiro which apart from supporting life in this dry area, is home to an impressive population of Crocodiles, usually seen sunning themselves on the banks.

Along the riverbed the rare Doum Palms dot the otherwise scrubby, dry landscape adding to the beauty of the scenery. Rolling hills form a stunning backdrop to the landscape making this a photographer’s paradise. There are rare species of animals found only in this region and these are the reticulated Giraffe, the Somali Ostrich and the Grevy’s Zebra.

Other game include Elephant, Buffalo, Impala, Gazelle, the long necked Gerenuk, the beautiful Kudu, Dik Dik, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and Oryx. It was in Samburu national reserve that a Lioness adopted an Oryx baby three times protecting it from other predators and seemingly affording it motherly love. Scientists have since been investigating this strange and abnormal behavior by the beast. Birdlife in this area is prolific. Over 300 species have been identified.


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