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Mt. Kenya National Park​

Come touch the sky

With 117 square kilometers, in areas above the 3,500 metres contour, this mountain symbol of Kenya-Batian of 5199 metres-rises dramatically to dominate the surrounding countryside.

Here there are sections of high forest-bamboo, alpine moorlands, glaciers, tams and glacial moraines. Often seen are enormous weirdly shaped bushes covered with moss and liche, open moorland with tussock grass studded with many species of giant lobelia and groundsel which often reach to a height of 3-5 metres. The ground has a rich profusion of everlasting helichrysums, alchemillas, and is interspersed with gladioli, delphiniums and ’red-hot pokers.

The peaks are remnants of a central core of an ancient volcanic crater, the rim of which has long since erode away to form a complicated system of rock faces and ridges which offer a great variety of climbing routes, calling for high mountaineering skill and experience by those familiar with rock, ice and snow technique. The thick verdant forests below the moorlands contain an abundance of game animals which include elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, bongo, bushbuck, duiker, giant forest hog, and several species of monkey. Lions inhabit the moorlands, although not common, while leopard and wild dog are seen in the lower zone.

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