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Marsabit National Park​

A remote paradise for nature lovers

With 1132 square kilometers, the reserve consists of strange anomalies having a volcanic mass of a forested mountain which rises like a green oasis in the midst of a vast forbidding desert wilderness; a spectacular group of volcanic craters where Gof Bongoli is the largest and most dramatic; foot-hills of rugged grandeur; and a black lava desert. Here can be found an impressive list of rare and little known birds while the key attractions, without a doubt, are the largest elephants with tusks of over 45 kilograms each and the greater Kudu. This unique reserve featured in early films and writings of Martin and Osa Johnson and Vivien de Wattville. Also famous are singing wells where the biblical looking Borana tribes people drive their camel for watering. There, three or four of their men from human ladder down the steep shafts in a relay to speedily lift up water for their animals, singing in chorus as they work.


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