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Ngorongoro National Park​

lionesses at ngorongoro

Patched on the top of the Rift Valley escarpment between lake Manyara and Serengeti is this wonder of the world. Ngorongoro crater was an active volcano some 3 million years ago. Its cone collapsed leaving a sunken caldera of 311 sq km, making it one of the largest craters in the world. The magic comes from its sheer physical beauty and stunning panoply of wildlife that roam its floor. The 2000ft descent into the crater reveals a sight of unequalled grandeur.

The crater is the home to about 40,000 animals, including the big five. There are perennial swamps on the crater floor which are an important migratory point for flamingos. Also on the crater floor, there are two patches of dense acacia woodlands called Lerai and Laindi forests. Other interesting features include the deep lake of Embagi, waterfalls of Munge, the active volcano of Ol Donyo Lengai, and the shifting sands.

Guests descend in 4 wheel drive vehicles to the floor where they spend time driving around in search of game. The crater floor has become a popular spot for sighting the rare Black Rhino and large prides of Lion.

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